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Chanel- Spring 2016- Par Avion!

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Our favorite fashionable vampire came out of the crypt and decided to do an entire collection based on air travel! Because air travel is so GLAMOROUS! From the stain-ridden seats, to the cramped leg space, to the stale nuts (lucky if you get those!), cranky stewardesses, and bed-bug ridden blankets, who wouldn’t want to fly! Even business class can be a drag if you get stuck with obnoxious people around you. Not even a fresh-baked cookie can fix that!

Any who, Karl the Kaiser gave us a taste of Chanel Airlines (yeah, I’d fly that) and showed other airlines how it’s done. So American, United, Jet Blue and Hooters (does that still exist?) can all have a seat and take notes from Karl. And here’s Karl (in the last photo) sucking the life out of that poor child to keep going because even vampires need snackums to keep going during the day.

*socks and sandals? Yay or Nay?

photos: Vogue

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