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Chest Hair Couture

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All the burly men of the world banded together and donated their locks of love (and by love, I mean, chest-hair) to an English company in need. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Especially, when you need a million strands of CHEST HAIR! And the chest hair was magically weaved into a $3,900 man-hair coat. It took those poor elves 200 hours to weave this hideous thing. The whole thing was for a commercial to promote chocolate milk for men. I mean, all that for an ad?? I mean, it’s for men, put a National Geographic boob on the label and call it chocolate milk. It will sell. Geesh…men. Speaking of hair, if you need to get your hair done in the UK, check out Rush Reading. No word on if they groom chest hairs, though.

photos: Yahoo

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