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Clothing Carcasses

Israeli artist Tamara Kostianovsky created a series of work called  “Actus Reus”. She took pieces of clothing and created butchered meat for the series. Here is her (F)artist statement:

“The material connects our bodies with the ones in the work, bringing violent acts into a familiar realm. My intention is to confront the viewers with the real and grotesque nature of violence, offering a context for reflecting about the vulnerability of our physical existences, brutality, poverty, consumption, and the voracious needs of the body.”

Yeah, okay. I’m sure Lady Gaga could’ve worn these instead of real meat, but whatever.

Speaking of, here’s my butcher story (doesn’t everyone have a butcher story?): Back in the ancient days when I was an actress/model in NYC, I got a small role in a tiny film in Brooklyn. So, I go to the shoot location and it was a huge dilapidated warehouse with many floors. Well, being an idiot, I never asked what floor the film shoot was. So, I went from floor to floor only stumbling upon a floor of illegal seamstresses behind a million billion sewing machines, another floor of a real BUTCHER place with rows and galley ways of DEAD, stinky cows, a murder of crows in the stairwell (all dead, someone murdered the muder! ) and a floor full of hippie hobos camping out. Finally, I found the correct floor for the film shoot and by then I was rattled out of my skull to remember my lines. Thankfully, I only had one line. Anywho, that’s my butcher story. Carry on with your day, thank you.

photos: Hi-Fructose

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