Collecting Cat Fur….

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One of my old high school friends, Jennifer Hill, was kind enough to knit the fur I had saved over the course of Mr. Marmar and Miss Darcheen’s lives. Thirteen years of brushed fur amounted to enough spun yarn to create the extraordinary, flawless keepsakes above plus 3 mini-blankets. Jenn made 2 little replica dolls (notice the odd eyes on Marmar!), a kitty knit hat and kitty scarf. I love love love all of these! I consider these one of my best treasures and make excellent keepsakes for two very special beings in my life. I still get emotional speaking of them, but at least now I can look back and say they both had a wonderful life and I was so very lucky to have them in my life. Here and here are the back stories and eulogies for these fantastic felines. Thank you so much, Jenn!! Check out her shop on Etsy  specializing in everything feline- coming soon!!

photos: Moi

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