Comic- Con San Diego 2011

robots who love tea- brilliant!
this dude has epic hair.
poison ivy lego
This could be Mr. Marmar's memoirs
creepy hat!
Steampunk booby traps
bunny girl
Can't wait to craft with my mooshmuffin's furs!
ninja bunny
Reaganomics= DESTROY everything.
*Swooooon* again
They look so excited about wiping up feces.
creepy dolls
Pullip dolls!
doesn't she look like a Pullip Doll!?
steampunk stuff
at kidrobot
Che Skull
*swoon* number 3
that girl is a little horsey.



We have the same hair- Yay!
Step into my office...


Here are some photos from Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego. I have to say I really look forward to it every year, however, when I get there, after a day I’m totally over it. Between the gaggle of geeks pushing their way through the crowd and insane amount of sensory overload, I ended up in the hotel jacuzzi most of the time- which tells you that I’d rather sit in a hot vat of other people’s piss than to be shoulder to shoulder with geeks. I guess I’m a walking enigma. But, I can’t complain since a lot of people I knew on the east coast wanted to go, but weren’t able to. So I was their eyes and ears during this trip. My six year old was really into it this year, especially the Lego booth and Star Wars stuff. We ended going to Legoland one of the days, which was great. Here is a little video I made with my husband of Legoland’s Miniland and new Star Wars area:

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Anywho, there were a TON of Steampunk stuff and fans. I stumbled upon this cool booth with handmade steampunk items called Brute Force. I particularly liked this wide bracelet with a typewriter keyboard  on it. It’s like, so useless, but cool.  One thing I love about Comic-Con  is all the people-watching! It’s better than the NYC subway- TRUTH!

My favorites at the convention were of course, the Be@rbricks – which I saw a BARBIE BE@rbrick!! ( I died.) and the Pullip Dolls. Having an obsession and collection of dolls makes me want to look like one, so I dyed the tips of my hair pink. I really like it , but I don’t want to look like I’m having a midlife crisis or something, ya know? I think I may keep it for a while. (And yes, my office is full of gloomy bear, hello kitty and french kitty posters because I’m a professional!) Anywho, My son’s quote of the day was “I love looking at crazy people!” one day at Comic- Con. That pretty much sums it up. Until next year….

photos: Moi





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