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Cool design ideas by Anton Repponen

Check out these cool designs by Anton Repponen. I guess some are just design ideas and some are actually available for purchase, not sure which ones, though. Those milk bottles are super rad. I’m not really into milk unless it’s accompanied by cereal or cookies, but if they were in bottles like that, I would drink it on a daily basis. That’s pretty much how I roll- if it looks pretty, I’ll eat/drink it. Those Nike concept shoes are just nast. You may know that I hate feet, except my son’s feet, so, the transparent shoes are, like, disgusting to me. Imagine seeing dribbles of steam and sweat in the shoes? Barf. On the other hand, those strawberry shoes are pretty cool. And when you have that office party, I suggest wearing the salami tie- you know, to really make it a ‘sausage party’- HAHAHHAAH.

photos: Anton Repponen

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