Cool Stuff from Etsy

Check out these cool finds on Etsy’s ‘Geekery’ section. My favorite has to be the zombie gnomes. As an avid gnome collector, this is definitely a must have. Although, I would put it in the backyard and not the front lawn… don’t wanna scare the children, now.

Spock Ear iphone decalPointy ears are in now, thanks to Spock, Hobbits and Elves…

Chalkboard SkullWrite sweet nothings of the skull, so romantic.

Zombie GnomesGnomes nom nom nom-ing on a fallen flamingo.

iPhone DockA little old-timey, a little modern…

R2D2 Knit Beanie HatSo so adorable for your little robot munchkin!


photos: Etsy

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