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Cool Stuff from Fred Flare

Check out these cool stuff at Fred Flare! You can visit their store in Brooklyn or buy off their site.

 Hello Kitty ringbrassknuckle -style for the bad-ass in your life. And it’s a BOW!!!

Meow, I love Cats bookLike , durrrrr…. this is a classic masterpiece, like a Steinbeck  or Shakespeare.

Pizza Pillowbecause you know you want to cuddle with a pizza.

Toilet Mug brings new meaning to ‘this tastes like sh*t’.

Etch A Sketch iPhone caseso so cool.

Ice Cream Sandwich pillow because you know want to cuddle with an ice cream sandwich after the pizza.

Babushka Carafea nice water carafe near your bed. Ms. Coco would definitely bitch slap it in the middle of the night.

Lego Stop-Motion camerathis is pretty awesome filmmaking! I would film my be@rbricks and kitties do a reenactment of ‘Scarface’.  I’d cast Mr. Marmar as Tony Montana.

photos: Fred Flare




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