Cool Stuff from John Lewis


Christian Lacroix wallpaper


De Van Surfer bunk bed


Wall Mural!


Rotating Sphere Lounge


Yoda Alarm Clock


Stormtrooper Alarm Clock


Fairy Pendulum Clock


Miaow Bowl!


Bunny Plate


Post Card Mural

Check out these cool stuff for your home and garden from British purveyor, John Lewis.  They deliver throughout Europe and the US and Canada.Click on the photo above to take you straight to the product. I had no idea that Christian Lacroix had a wallpaper line. I chose the purple map as my top pick. I chose the Star Wars alarm clocks, as well, because, well who wouldn’t want to wake up to such awesomeness!? And the Volkswagen bunk bed is perfect for that hippie- hipster -child- friend in your life. The most fantastic of all is the Sphere Lounge. It’s like a private hide-away ball you can put anywhere! I’d put that in front of Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and call it my private 5th Avenue apartment. Seriously, it would be the only rodent-free apartment in NYC. I must do this! Anywho,   John Lewis has thousands of cool home stuff, so go to it!

photos: John Lewis (thanks for sponsoring us!)

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