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Cool Stuff from This is Why I’m Broke

So, a friend of mine directed me to this gem of a website called , This Why I’m BrokeIt’s an endless sea of stuff you don’t need, but totally want. Here are a few things I found that I kinda want. Tomorrow’s post will be another list of stuff from the website, because it’s that good.

Suit Pajamas –Yes, it looks wicked sleazy in a ‘Night at the Roxbury’ kinda way, but I’m always down for wearing pajamas at all hours of the day and night. And if it can pass for a fancy suit and still be comfy cozy while I shop at Von’s, then hell yes!

Deglon Meeting Knife Set– I kinda like how each baby knife is nestled into each other to form one grand, scary knife. Love that. Kind like a serial killer Russian doll, only with like, knives.

Bubble Wrap CalendarPOP!POP!POP! your way into the new year. Still love popping those things even though I’m in my mid-thirties.

Magical Unicorn MaskUmmm, why wouldn’t you wear a unicorn head, like all the time?? Derrrrr.

Light up Shoes– I really like these mainly because I’m a klutz and am always tripping over non-existent things in my path. And yes, I’m one of those people who look back at the air I just tripped on.

To be continued tomorrow….

photos: This Why I’m Broke

*Thanks Jenn!


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