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Dirty Lola and Camilla d’Errico at CatCon 2017


At CatCon 2017, there were so many cool vendors, however, there were two artists that really impressed me:

Camilla d’Errico and Dirty Lola.

Creative and original, whilst being quirky is really the type of art that WOW’s me. Dirty Lola has some very cool selections of vintage dishes printed with cool quotes and a nice selection of Pop Icons as religious figures with cats. They’re so random, yet so fitting and cool. Camilla d’Errico had a nice selection of prints with ethereal girls and her cats, as well as plushes, pins and bags. Both artists capture the essence of kitchy kitties with beautiful colors and flowing strokes of the brush. Be sure to check out their shops for some really original artworks purrrrrrrrfect for your home or office. It’s Mr. Miggins approved!

photos: Moi and Dirty Lola’s boyfriend!







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