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Fashion East-Fall 2017- Miss Mimi is not pleased….

“DIAL ‘M’ FOR MIMI”!!! Kudos to Fashion East for dedicating its ENTIRE collection to the one and only MISS MIMI! Miss Mimi would like to thank no one because she’s a bitch. She’d also like to whine meow because the ‘Miss Mimi’ on the clothes is not written bigger and bolder and more importantly, in 100% pure, white RHINESTONES. Also, she’d like to whine meow to the designer for compromising her privacy by revealing her ‘number’. Basically, she wants to scratch that person’s face off. So, Fashion East, don’t shoot the messenger, but….. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

Miss Mimi aka ‘The Mistress of Hiss”

photos: Vogue

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