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ku-medium Lego-Shoes-by-nbsp-artist-Finn-Stone-1 Lego-Shoes-by-nbsp-artist-Finn-Stone

Lego-mania is everywhere! Artist Finn Stone designed these lego heels that looks as random as a first grade art project. You could totally hot glue legos to a pair of Baker’s shoes if you wanted. If you wanted is emphasized. I have to say this  Lego wedding dress  by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of Daisy Balloon takes the cake. It was was created for Tokyo’s “Piece of Peace” charity exhibit at the Parco Museum. That is a masterpiece! Daisy Balloon is definitely worth the click to explore. They work with balloons, mostly. I’d love to see the Lego bouquet hit someone in the face when it’s thrown. That would be a HAHAHAHAAHAAH moment.

By the way, after like 2 months of measuring and gluing, etc… here is that lego handbag that I was talking about a few months ago all completed. Damn, I’m glad it’s done!

photo-2 photo-1

photos: likecool, James St. James



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