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Faux Lash- Luxury Lashes for Fancy People (or Kitties!)

“This crazy b*tch put more hair on me. Don’t I have enough fur, lady??!”- Miss Mimi




Check out these cool faux eyelashes by Faux Lash! They’re made of partly real human hair and are hand knotted for durability. I had some fun with these lashes by putting them on Miss Mimi. She seemed to really enjoy it. I’m guessing because she’s such a girly girl, that one. Anywho, I loved how these lashes make my eyes totally pop! I didn’t even have to wear much liner or mascara. It’s like a wig, but for your eyes. They’re eye-wigs! Faux Lash is available online and come a a whole range of styles. Miss Mimi and myself are wearing the ‘Roxy’ style of lashes- how fitting! I also found the feathers lashes and pink lashes super rad. Check out their blog for everything lashes. Thanks FAUX LASH!

photos: Fauxlash

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