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Fenty Puma- Spring 2017- Marie Antoinette the Gym Rat

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Rihanna created an entire line with Puma based on what Marie Antoinette would wear to the gym. First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this collection. There are a few WTF pieces, but overall, it’s brilliant. Secondly, Marie Antoinette wouldn’t go to the gym because that would take time out of sitting on her fancy ass eating fancy cake. I don’t really blame her. If I had a million billion dollars, had every seamstress at my beckon call, I would just tell them to make my clothes less tight so I can stuff my face with deliciousness and not let it all go to waste especially if there are people dying of starvation. “Don’t waste that cake, bitch!” would be my motto if I were Marie Antoinette. Anywho, what is a Fenty anyway? I don’t get all these illuminati nicknames these rappers give each other.

photos: Vogue

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