Franck Sorbier- Haute Couture- Fall 2013- The Modern Middle Ages

fashion156-couture-franck-clash-1 fashion156-couture-franck-clash-2 fashion156-couture-franck-clash-3


These aren’t costumes from Game of Thrones or some other medieval show. These aren’t workers from King Richard’s Faire, either. These are couture creations from Franck Sorbier. I have never heard of him, but he’s definitely on my radar because he made all his models do some sort of Scientology pose with their hand. I’m kidding, actually I have no idea what that pose is… it could be a prelude to the safety dance or an Compton sign for “Where my B*tches At?” or something like that. Anywho, add this to your list of ones to watch.

photos: Fashion 156

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