Frightful Stockings!

Rosa-Verloop_web1 Rosa-Verloop_web2 Rosa-Verloop_web10-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web11-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web12 Rosa-Verloop_web14-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web18 Rosa-Verloop_web19

OMG, OMG, OMG. These are not Oprah’s wagon of fat that has turned into a community of lepers. These are actually nylon stockings pinned into place to help create your next nightmare.  Dutch artist Rosa Verloop describes her work as an  “uncomfortable place in the life cycle between birth and death.” How about an uncomfortable place between no and hell no. This is sure to not only give you nightmares but to have a life-long phobia of fresh mozzarella and sausages.

Anywho, this is out there. You’ve been warned.

photos: Juxtapose

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