Fur Baby

I’m loving Andrei Amado‘s Fall 2011 collection, not because it’s fashion-forward and original, but because I want to burrow my face into that soft, cuddly fur! It really is like a surrogate Mr. Marmar. I would definitely pack one of those outfits on a trip, just so I can snuggle with it and pretend it’s Mr. Marmar’s formidable fur! Mr. Marmar doesn’t travel, by the way. The vet comes to Mr. Marmar. He’s totally a cat version of Chuck Norris. Anywho, I’m also loving the pastel colors- so My Little Pony. Having said that, these were  made for toothpicks, unless you want to look like a husky, Siberian- My Little Pony. Bummer 🙁

photos: Fashion 156



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