Granny’s Grenades!

Check out these jewels from Juxtapoz Jewels… it’s a  Ribcage Ring and Granny’s Grenades! So cool! I love love love the Granny’s Grenades! It’s little grenades on a multi-stranded pearl necklace. And the pearls are real! It’ll set you back $500, but who cares! If I can look have as fabulous as that pug, then it’s well worth the money spent. His eyes are saying no, but his stance is saying YES! I am glamour with these pearls, even though I  have to lick my balls clean everyday by myself. It’s totally written on his face. I’ll explode if I can’t have that necklace… get it… EXPLODE! HAHAHAH- gong!

Photos: Who Killed Bambi

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