Happy Halloween !!

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Every year, my family and I go on several outings during Halloween week. So, I get to have 3-4 costumes for a week! This year’s costumes proved to be challenge since I needed to have booby access for the littlest one. This year, I decided to join my Star Wars boys (the oldest went as Darth Vader, the middle guy went as an Ewok and the littlest went as baby Yoda) and to go as Princess Leia. The husband chickened out of Darth Maul, mainly because it was 3,976 degrees Fahrenheit here in California. Anywho, I also went as a breast-feeding Snow White. Snow White is always my go-to costume because I already have the hair done. Depending on what position I sleep at night, my hair could go from a sleek, chic Amelie to a dowdy Bettie Rubble to a ‘special’ Willy Wonka (the Johnny Depp one). Really depends. Any who, today I will go as Joan of Arc… I’ll try to post photos tomorrow. Happy Halloween from my gang of kitties to you!!


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photos: moi


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