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Hell walks the Runway!

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Chinese-Dutch designer Hu Sheguang used miles and miles of the devil’s favorite color to create a runway show fit for Lucifer and all his satanic little friends. In other words, it was GLORIOUS! Or shall I say GORE– RIOUS? Let’s analyze ! First off, any designer that incorporates matching devil babies in their collection gets an A+++ in my book. Also, take note of the model carrying dem babies…. totally frightful, clammy, and thirstaaaay. Next, HANDS! Oh my word, who knew a dozen or so hands could make anything look creepy. I guess if you paint anything red, it could look creepy. And lastly, I cannot ignore the dress with all the BOWS! As you may know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOWS! So, that dress would be my number choice to wear to an exorcism. Now, to get invited to an exorcism…..

photos: James St James WOW

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