Hushi Robot

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You may remember Hushi from Sears & Robot back in the day when they had a shop in the East Village of NYC. Hushi is back in full force with a line of fantastically adorable shirts from his Hushi Robot line.  Behind the cute sketches is a full story that deserves its own animated movie (are you listening, Pixar?).

“Sears and Robot and the manga inspired fashion sketches I did based on Michael and my performance art anime fashion aliens comes to life in the 90’s that started in the underground clubs of SF and paved the way to move to NYC and Pat Fields, Hotel Venus..and more importantly the store on east 7th street..the robot was my business card drawing and our first neon sign. Also the end result is hopefully the realization of an animation that follows Hushi Robot through his adventures in his universe searching to install love and delete hate and to transcend stereotype in an animated format that appeals to the young and the young at heart.”- Hushi

I love love love it! Then again, I have been a fan of Hushi’s (and Michael’s) work since the mid-90’s! You can buy these rad shirts online or at the legendary NYC shop (and my favorite shop of all time!), Patricia Field’s. 

photos: Hushi Robot

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