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If I got a nickel for every…….

Remarkable-Hobo-Nickels-Carved-from-Clad-Coins-by-Paolo-1 Remarkable-Hobo-Nickels-Carved-from-Clad-Coins-by-Paolo-2 Remarkable-Hobo-Nickels-Carved-from-Clad-Coins-by-Paolo-4 Remarkable-Hobo-Nickels-Carved-from-Clad-Coins-by-Paolo-5 Remarkable-Hobo-Nickels-Carved-from-Clad-Coins-by-Paolo-6 Remarkable-Hobo-Nickels-Carved-from-Clad-Coins-by-Paolo

Check out these Hobo Nickels carved by Paolo CurcioSo so badass. Anywho, I do believe these are real nickels that are being carved, so Paolo should watch his back with the ‘gobment’….they just might tackle him down for destroying government property or whatever. I wonder why they call them ‘hobo’ nickels. Last time I gave a hobo a nickel, he shot me a ‘bitch, wtf can I get with a nickel?’ face. Today’s hobo’s are all about the dollar bills, yo! Click over to Paolo’s site for more carved nickels, including an E.T. one! PS. his Arsenio finger doesn’t make an appearance, but his giraffe neck does!

photos: Like Cool


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