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Incredible Edible Cakes

DAYYYYYUUUUUM! Cake maker Annabel de Vetten at Conjurors Kitchen really knows how to make the edible look inedible! Those photos above are not props from American Horror Story, but actually cakes that you eat. I think the baby heads are the creepiest. They look like they were stung by a bunch of bad bees or something. That Bastille Day cake is pretty sweet. Although, I would’ve made Marie Antoinette’s hair more fabulous. I have to say I’ve made my own fair share of cakes and they all turn out to look wicked crappy and wonky-AND it takes a ton of time to make a cake. So, I always am amazed by really detailed beautiful cakes….takes real talent. Check out her site for more cool cakes, including kid friendly cakes.

photos: James St. James

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