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Jacques Torres Chocolates in NYC!


On my last trip to NYC, my family and I visited the Jacques Torres Chocolates at 350 Hudson Street in Soho, one of the eight boutiques throughout NYC. It was a unique and memorable experience because not only did we get to tour the chocolate museum, but my sons were treated to a private master class with the one and only real life Willy Wonka, Chef Jacques Torres! First, they started with tempering the premium bespoke Belgian chocolate, then the velvety, dark mixture was poured into moulds stamped with the Torres logo and adorned with candied nuts and sea salt. After a quick cool down, the chocolate bars and lollipops were ready to be  packaged and taken home…. or eaten! WONDERFUL! After creating these works of edible art, we took a walk through the museum, which documents the origins of chocolate- from the cocoa bean to the early primitive production of the potent bean through South America. In the museum, there are lots of hands on experiences for children, as well as interesting artifacts collected that pertain to the enjoyment of chocolate. One object that caught my eye was a porcelain tea set that had a mustache protector built in! Genius! Too bad I wax…. anywho, if you are ever in NYC, a visit to the Chocolate Museum is a must at the Soho location and be sure to visit any of the eight chocolate boutiques sprinkled throughout the city. And if not, visit their online shop and have that delicious chocolate delivered! Special thanks to Jacques’s beautiful wife, Hasty Torres (Madame Chocolate) for setting up this very special day and chocolate kisses to their little bundle, Mr. Pierre le petit prince.

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