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Jean Paul Gaultier- Fall 2014- Haute Couture

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As usual Jean Paul Gaultier gave us a very dramatic couture show with a sizzling finale featuring that famous lady boy with the five o’clock shadow. I have no idea who is, mainly because I don’t watch much TV, except for Sesame Street and Ninjago, so please don’t hold it against me… Anywho, I love the second to the last look above with all the gold chains… reminds me of this Rastafarian store I used to go to in downtown Providence years ago… they sold anything and everything with a picture of a weed leaf, that rainbow beret with attached dreads and tons of gold chains… I swear that store was a front for something else. By the way, can anyone tell me why Style.com doesn’t cover the Gaultier shows anymore?? It’s so strange since Gaultier is the authority on couture…

photos: WWD

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