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Jean Paul Gaultier- Haute Couture- Spring 2013- Gorgeous!

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Here are my favorite looks from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring Haute Couture show. The fifth photo is awesome! It’s like an ‘elegant’ redo of the Madonna cone bra corset.   Only Gaultier can make boobs look like chic  traffic cones. The finale of his shows is usually a wedding dress and this season he decided to hide some of his minions under the skirt. I would totally wear that only if the minions came with it. One could tie my shoes because bending over is such a chore in a get-up like that. One could plug in my iPhone wherever I went because a)bending over sucks and b)because my phone always need charging. The other could Swiffer the floor like this. And the other could make dinner. Anywho, Gaultier did it again!

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