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Jean Paul Gaultier- Haute Couture- Spring 2014- Flutter Away

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At Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture show, it was all butterfly-themed. Either Gaultier has been watching ‘Silence of the Lambs’ (I know it’s really a moth, just go with me here) or he’s been jamming to Mariah Carey’s Butterfly one too many times. Either way, it was a beautimus collection, especially Dita Von Teese’s surprise appearance in a corset in the shape of a butterfly. One day, I’d love to see Gaultier do a Cirque Du Soleil collaboration. I bet that would be RAD! On a side note, I found it strange that Style.com did not cover this magnificent show, it’s definitely a first. Anyone know anything about that?? Blasphemous! Don’t make me get out my voodoo dolls, Style.com!**

**Miss Mimi made me say that. 

photos: Vogue

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