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Jean Paul Gaultier- Spring 2013- 80’s Pop!

Gaultier’s show was a parade of all the 1980’s icons in music… Madonna, Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, Sade, Boy George, David Bowie… basically everyone who was on MTV first back when they were playing music videos and not a bunch of trashy, drunk, oompa loompa’s in their habitat. Anywho, I thought the collection was rad, especially since I actually have that Gaultier belt in the 4th and fifth photos. I got it on one of my last trips to Nice, France… he has a boutique there that during the Cannes Film Festival, the window display is made up of old film strips and stuff- really cool- I’ll take a photo next time. Anywho, yay for Gaultier- I guess music has been his muse lately.

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