Jeremy Scott- Fall 2013- Monster Madness


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I love Jeremy Scott the same way I love avocados. A little bit is yummy and wonderful, but a lot is just vomitotious and horrible. I’m a big fan of his collaboration with Adidas, especially the teddy bear sneakers. But, Jeremy Scott on his own can be a little…. hmmmm, overwhelming. His latest collection was based on the SoCal grunge scene and monsters. I have to say….,  DAYUMMM! I think my favorite , if I had to pick a favorite, would be the green hairy monster suit. Because who doesn’t want to walk around looking like a monster from Monster’s, Inc.? It’s fluffy, it’s cozy, it’s bright, so why not? On another note, the dude in the second to last photo totally looks like a Neanderthal with fabulous Fabio hair.

And I leave you with the hottest ginge that ever was, Miss Darcheen!

darcheen stalin st. patricks copy

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