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Kit Neale- Fall 2013- Diner Chic

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 Let’s dress up our Owen Wilson look-a-like models in 1980’s pajamas and Salvation Army clothes and have them pose in a greasy diner in the crappiest part of town! Yes, let’s!  said Kit Neale (not really).

Here is the Fall 2013 collection from  Kit Neale. And, I totally  feel like a BLT (hold the L, hold the T) with fries and a chocolate mint shake after seeing these photos. The best is when you pour the ketchup on and realize how many food surfaces the nozzle has touched before touching your food. Nast. I can appreciate a good diner, though. One of my favorites is the Tick Tock Diner near Penn Station in NYC. Soooooooooo greasy, sooooooo yummy. Anywho, the Scooby-Doo slippers are a nice touch of strange.

photos: Fashion 156

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