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Louis Vuitton- Fall 2012- All Aboard the Fug Fug Train

Those mad hatter hats were a major theme in the Louis Vuitton show designed by Marc Jacobs. You could hide a small, immigrant family up there. But the main attraction was the steam train with the many bellboys carrying the ho’s luggage. Really, I wish I had a bellboy like that that followed me everywhere carrying my damn purse and crap. If you’ve ever been to the train stations in Paris, you will know that you have to fight tooth and nail against the crowd to get through, so Marc should’ve been more accurate and thrown in a few toothless hobos, a Bulgarian gypsy and a suspicious terrorist-looking dude hanging around the models. That definitely would’ve been more accurate. Anywho, I wasn’t too crazy about the clothes; I thought they looked dowdy and fug. Especially that some of the patterns looked like the office wallpaper from the 1960s. there’s always next season, I guess.

photos: Fashion 156

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