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Louis Vuitton- Spring 2014- Farewell, Marc….

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Marc Jacobs can go back to roasting his chiseled moobs on a big-ass piece of foil full-time now because it was his last show at Louis Vuitton. He went out with a somber shuffle, rather than a bang with all his funeral chic clothing. Everything was black… I mean, every DAMN THING was black. It was like Roy Orbison got a sex change as Morticia Addams and came back as a Vegas showgirl… or somethinglikethat.

Anywho, good for Marc because he really did mouth-to mouth CPR to Louis Vuitton when it was dying a slow death in the late 90’s. It was going by way of Pierre Cardin when Marc jumped in like a friggin’ hero and revived that sh*t. I mean, they were a season away from being sold in a Syms in Norwood, Mass.  I wish him well and hope he continues to design because he’s pretty damn good. Louis Vuitton should just take John Galliano out of time out and give him the job because we really need to see his fancy ass back at work STAT.

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