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Louise Gray- Fall 2011- A Mess.

In the past, I have written about Louise Gray . I admire her ability to basically not give a sh*t and do what she wants do. However, (with the exception of the awesome half black/half polka-dotted rain boots) this collection was pretty damn awful. I’m not sure if it was the unnecessary abundance of colors vomited onto one dress at one time or if it was random patterns worn all together at once, but I totally felt like I needed to look away for fear of getting a headache. It kinda reminded me when I was at a rave once and I got super sick from all the damn flashing lights and glow-sticks all in my face. I found some red velvet drapes in the club and wrapped myself around in them like a fancy sleeping bag and plugged my ears. I felt better almost immediately, but not soon enough before I threw up in the drapes! HAHAAHAHAHAH! No one noticed, but my friend and I were super disgusted because we knew no one would ever think to clean that area because it was so hidden… NASTY! Anyway, Louise Gray needs to step away from the acid.

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