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Maaike Fransen- Spring 2015- Bizarre Bunch

Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy2 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy3 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy4 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy5 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy6 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy7 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy8 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy9 Maaike-Fransen_ss15_fy10

Dutch designer Maaike Fransen has designed a line with My Gym balls, bubble gum masks and furry, flesh- colored hats. In other words, it was a total mess that I enjoyed watching. Any who, that baby looks like he’s had it. One one hand, he likes being carried around. On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to like who’s carrying him around. He wants to cry, but suspects any movement could trigger the giant holding him to eat him. Such dilemma. Good luck, baby friend.  Check out Fransen’s site for more of her work… I highly recommend clicking on ‘Hairy & Acne’ and ‘Cannibal Cosmetics‘…. after lunch, though.

photos: f*cking young


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