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Macabre Fairy Tales- Available on iTunes!



If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out MACABRE FAIRY TALES, an interactive storybook written my MOI and with beautiful illustrations by Kaori Watanabe. All your favorite childhood fairy tales with a bloody, gory twist!

“Step into the sweetly twisted mind of Roxanna Bina as she retells classic Fairy Tales in rhyming rhythm unveiling odd, gory details that had never been told before! Illustrated by Kaori Watanabe, each of the ten stories has captivating, original, interactive artwork that guides you through the whimsically, eerie world that is “Macabre Fairy Tales”.

Kaori Watanabe is a Japanese artist. She lives and works in Florence-Italy. The manga, anime and Japan’s Pop art movement are clear influences on her art. The subject matter of her works is the mystery of the mechanism of this world and  the enigma of that world. Check out her cool illustrations for sale at Karkar Studio and also on her Tumblr.






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