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Magnificent Stages at The Bregenz Festival

Take me to Bregenz, Austria this summer! These are images from the Bregenz Festival held every July and August where an elaborate opera or musical is staged on Lake Constance. Really, the stage is magnificent and of course the lake makes it even more beautiful. My favorite is the bookish skeleton. I would love to find out what opera that came from. I bet someone dies. The imagination is just stellar and I wish there was something like this here in the US. I guess Cirque du Soleil is the closest thing, but most likely you have to travel to Las Vegas. I have seen all the Cirque shows and while they are all  visually appealing, I usually leave with damn Enya song in my head. It takes me a good dose of the Beastie Boys to get it out of my head.  Anywho, what a lovely summer to look forward to for Austrians!

photos: Bregenz Festival, The Cool Hunter


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