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Maison Martin Margiela – Fall 2011 Couture- Strange, as usual.


Imagine the person, Martin Margiela– he doesn’t even design for the line anymore, but they still use his name! That kinda sucks, especially when the designs are like whhhaaaaaaaaat?  I’d be pissed if I were him.

I think it’s pretty genius when any designer covers the faces of the models. It’s like cost cutting to get models who are butter-faces. Nothing is safe in this economy. See the socks and heels look- told you it’s a trend! Those plastic coats are like the exact tint of my plastic couch covers (I saw that face through the computer!)… after Miss Darcheen has had an accident. She has a pinched nerve, so she has no idea when she’s peeing and whatnot. She’s totally okay with it, though. Ms. Coco is not, though- she always shakes her paw in disgust when something goes down like that with Miss Darcheen. She’s the resident beeeotch of the house.  Anywho, does this mean I can make a jacket out of  plastic couch covers it and look chic? Discuss.

photos: Filep Motwary

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