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Manus X Machina Exhibit – The Met NYC

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On my most recent trip to New York City, I had the wonderful privilege to visit the ‘Manus X Machina’ exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of New York. Sponsored by Apple, the exhibit displayed a ravishing collection of couture items from designers like, Chanel, Comme Des Garçon, Iris Van Herpin and many, many more. The object of the exhibit was to explore the handmade craftsmanship of yester years versus the machine made craftsmanship of today in the fashion world. Although the machines have taken over many aspects of designing and execution lately, it seems the arduous and painstaking process has not been lost in the world of haute couture. Many things are still done by hand with the help of machines (whether it be laser-cut, sewing machines, 3D printing), the precision and quality is most definitely not lost. Its all a matter of perspective… does making something purely by hand, an unnecessary painstaking process, and yet extreme high quality? Or does the help of machines, speed up the processes, allow for more creative flow, while keeping the precision and quality at its highest? This very exhibit is what examines the conundrum of the time-honored techniques of haute couture and its place in the ever-changing high-tech future of fashion. If you are in NYC, I urge you to drop everything and see ‘Manus X Machina’ to witness the wondrous artistry in yesterday and today’s haute couture. The details are just exquisite! Enjoy the photos until you can get there!

photos : Moi

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