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Marc Jacobs- Resort 2017- 1980’s Punk Rock!!

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Wowie Wow Wow!! It was the 1980’s all over again at Marc Jacobs! I super excited because that is sort of my generation…. I grew up during the birth of MTV, when Blondie, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper reined supreme, eyeliner was a requirement, and crimped hair was edgy. It was a great time to be alive, I tell you, even if I was only 10! Any who, I can see those MTV sweaters selling out … for all you youngin’s… when MTV first aired, it was REVOLUTIONARY! They only played music videos and it was the first time music was given visuals. The videos at the time were like mini-movies… epic and impactful. I used to study each video and try to recreate a look for school. My creativity flourished because of MTV…. unfortunately, today, MTV is just one huge reality show depicting one sad life after another. It’s really too bad. But, enough story time,boys and girls! Check out Marc Jacobs’s resort collection— and let Marc guide you to be the coolest dressed chick eva!!!

PS- There’s a LAZER CAT shirt int he collection… whaaaaat?? HELL YEAH!


photos: Vogue

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