Matryoshka filled with Cosmetics!

pupa-5 pupa-3

pupa-6 pupa-4

These are the cutest damn things I’ve seen in a long while! These are  limited-edition Pupa cosmetics dolls (the ‘Puposka World è la Collezione’) from Italy.  Everything from lipgloss to eye shadow and a mirror (of course!) are compressed into these Russian dolls. There are a variety of  dolls ranging from African to Alaskan ( no, it looks nothing like Sarah Palin, thankfully!) You can buy them here, but it is an Italian website, so whip out your Berlitz book or kidnap a waiter from your local Italian restaurant when ordering. They are surprisingly inexpensive considering it’s uniqueness- they are about 11 Euros each. Actually, that’s like $100 American dollars with all the inflation? ?(I’m to lazy to convert, blah, blah, blah. )

Here ‘s the coveted Chanel Matryoshka- it’s $7,000! It’s like the price of a crappy car.


photos: Trend de la Creme

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4 Responses to Matryoshka filled with Cosmetics!

  1. Oh, I love those! They look like my Russian doll collection that I had as a kid, only so much better!

  2. DUA MANE says:

    Very useful and cute! I better get one of those, maybe I will follow your advice about the waiter.

  3. Sarah says:

    ooo those are so pretty! I want one!
    x x

  4. Aw they’re so cute, and with make up inside!
    Reminded me of the Chanel accessories range also.

    Florrie x

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