Here comes The Holidays! For the occasion Universal Studios brought back the famous Dr. Seuss character’s The Grinch to put a maddening spell on this joyful end of the year! The folks at Universal re-created ‘Who-ville” as if they had given life to the famous movie directed by ron Howard and with Jim Carrey stealing the show as The Grinch. Visit the Who-ville plaza with a few fun shows as well as a gigantic Grinchmas tree. Then take a back lot tour in a bus and be ready to dance your soul away with some of the famous songs of the movie staged by the lively who-ville habitants and the greedy green Grinch. And before you leave this enchanting place to come back to reality, don’t forget to indulge on some famous Grinch green cotton candy with the drink of your choice. This is a joyful moment you won’t want to miss at Universal Studios until January 3rd.

photos: Universal Studios

Guest Post: Emmanuel Itier

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