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Mr. Miggins has been toiling away sharpening his shanks and grooming his luxurious fur overtime for the new MIGGINS EMOJI app to be released! And the day has come where all his legions of fans can experience Mr. Miggins at his finest… through the emojis for your phone and tablets! Here’s a a quick synopsis of who and what Mr. Miggins is, in case you gotta AX somebody:

It’s Mr. Miggins the Cat! International Persian Casanova kitty, Mr. Miggins now has 50 emojis to help you truly express your feelings through text! Download today and impress your friends with purrrfect emojis! Meow! Don’t forget to check out other apps and books from Roxanna Bina!

So download your sticker pack today  on ITUNES and on GOOGLE PLAY!



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