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Right now, I’m trying to secure $1,300 to make a Mr. Marmar (RIP, my sweets)  doll. So far, I have $32 and 46 pennies and a half-eaten bar of snickers. I have a long way to go, I know. Anywho, thanks to a Japanese company called Clone Factory, you can order a 3D printed self-portrait or pet portrait made into a real doll and it is stunningly accurate.  I wouldn’t mind having a doll version of me to add to my creepy doll collection at home. I’m sure my kids would get really freaked out by a mini-mom watching over them while they play with legos. It could be my answer to using the bathroom without an audience for once. Like a decoy mom or something. The possibilities are endless! For more info on this fascinating service, click here.

photos: Huffington Post

thanks Cara!

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