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More Cool Stuff from This is Why I’m Broke

Yesterday, I posted about the fabulous site called This is Why I’m BrokeHere are some more gems I found:

Bang! Lamp– OMG! I would shoot the lamp all day. Old people have the Clapper, I would have this! So cool!!

Princess Leia headphone CoversYou may already know I love Princess Leia hair a lot.  So, these are awesome, because you can put it on any headphones and instantly look like a galactic princess.

Crayon Ammo Belt– That’s for that violent child-friend you may know.

Super Hero-Caped Socks Kinda dorky, but I think I would still wear them.

Brass Knuckles Stun GunYes!!! It’s double the damage with these!

Bear Coat– because why not?

photos: This is Why I’m Broke


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