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Moschino- Fall 2015- That’s All Folks!

MOS_0047 MOS_0097 MOS_0147 MOS_0213 MOS_0249 MOS_0251 MOS_0261 MOS_0325 MOS_0401 MOS_0467 MOS_0501 MOS_0571 MOS_0605 MOS_0625 MOS_0639 MOS_0869 MOS_0929 MOS_1003

The 90’s are back and it’s making me feel so old!! The later parts of the 90’s was part of my heydays and believe it or not, I still have and wear clothes from that era still. So, it will be very easy for me to recreate these looks, but on the other hand, it means it’s not gonna look right on me this time around with 3 kids in tow! Am I right?! Any who, I like the Looney Toons theme, but not as much when it was a Barbie theme… Bugs Bunny is awesome, but definitely not as glamorous. On the other hand, the gold chains and graffiti are fantastic- MORE please!

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