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Mouth and Ear Candles

Freaky-Mouth-Ear-Candles-1 Freaky-Mouth-Ear-Candles-4 Freaky-Mouth-Ear-Candles

For $18, Etsy seller artist uncannyartshop will send you one of these horrific candles to light your life. Seriously, these are candles that you send to an enemy…. forget the glitter, send them a creepy mouth candle! That way, as the candle burns and melts, you can see how Donatella Versace looks like in person. It’s like having your own aging socialite at your table… melting away! How FUN!  Hey, at least it’s not a foot**.

** I have a foot phobia. Feet over 3 years old freak me out. **



photos: Likecool

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