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Museum of Ice Cream LA

Guys! If you’re in LA, you must, must, must visit the Museum of Ice Cream before they melt away! Located in a shady area of downtown LA, is a bright oasis brimming with pleasures related to all things ice cream. They even have a room dedicated to MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ice cream… which happens to be MY FAVORITE!  Each room reaches a whole new level with odes to popsicles, neapolitan sandwiches, citrus fruits, bananas, whipped cream and even a SPRINKLE POOL! Don’t worry the sprinkle pool is just plastic sprinkles that last forever and ever and ever and never melt. Yay. Anywho, the Museum of Ice Cream is sold out in minutes everytime they release tickets, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get notification when they actually do go on sale again. It’ll be worth it!  Until then….

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Wardrobe: All vintage from my personal collection

Shoes: Gucci

Hair and Makeup: myself

photos: Moi

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