Teacups & Couture

Tsumori Chisato- Fall 2016- Rainbow Brite

Omg… typing this post took me,like, an extra 10 minutes because Tsumori kept autocorrecting to “tumor”. Annoying! Any who, I love love love the rainbows bursting out in this collection! It’s like that pooping unicorn in the Squatty Potty commercial. Except, like, super high-end. That last dress would mezmorize Mr. …

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Shoe Bakery ! Sweet!

Look at all the goodies the  Shoe Bakery has baked for us! One part of me wants to wear them and one part of me wants to eat them. I’m so confused! They have a whole variety of ‘flavors’ and types of heels and flats. Since they’re handmade to order, they …

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CatCon LA 2016 !

It was the 2nd annual CatCon LA at The Reef  last month and it was, by far, the bigger than last year! The convention offered everything from artisanal catnip to cat dresses to cat furniture to wine for cats! I was in bliss hanging out with like-minded people- CRAZY CAT …

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