Teacups & Couture

A few cool things….

-Bullet Coat Hooks by Brazilian Designer Anderson Horta– This would go great with my three guns vase. –Dsquared skeleton dress– So cool! It kinda looks a lobster is spread out on your back. –Balloon lights by  Estiluz– So magical, especially for a kid’s room. –World’s Largest Coffee or Tea cup from McPhee– I’m …

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Jeremy Scott- Fall 2012- Unicorns!

Oh that Jeremy Scott! I have to give it up for Jeremy because he has probably the most fun, colorful shows at New York Fashion Week. Seriously, dude has got a lot of rainbow, glitter and unicorns in his show to power an entire school of tweeners book covers. But, …

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Ghetto Booties by Jeffery Scott

Digital Artist Jeffery Scott  takes old images and layers them to make one creepy work of art. I was like, Daaaaaaaaaaaang, when I saw the chicks with a serious case of ghetto booty.  I’ve been to my fair share of ghetto Targets to see  people defying the natural form with their butts …

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